Valorant: Riot Talk Hackers, New Skins, Agent Skins & More!

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In this video we cover a recent article where Riot talked openly about the report system and how that interacts with anti cheat measures such as Vanguard, the overall value of reporting players towards a comprehensive anti cheat solution as well as some very interesting stats about the number of players reported vs the amount of bans. We also address a recent interview some of the devs gave regarding future new skins and other cosmetics to Dexerto. Bad news if you want agent skins or the reaver collection back js. Hope you enjoy!


00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:27 - Riot Anti Cheat Article
00:04:15 - Cheating/Report Stats
00:06:07 - Riot Skin Interview
00:06:31 - Agent Skins
00:07:19 - Seasonal Map Reskins
00:07:55 - New Skins & Reaver Bundle
00:08:34 - New Guns For Existing Bundles

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