TXT ON CRACK #9 : TXT Annoying TXT

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TXT annoying each other. TXT being mistreated by TXT. TXT giving each other absolute shite just for being alive.

"Will you slap your bEsT fRiEnd for 1 billion bucks?"
"well shit i'd do it for free" said Soobin as he elbow slammed Hueningkai five feet into the ground.

don't you just love seeing TXT treating each other like mortal enemies. we all love seeing a good healthy friendship :)

i know this took me long, like 2 months long, and even tho this doesn't live upto your expectations, by god do i swear i'll be working hard on my next crack. i know i can do better, and i'll prove it in my next crack.

shoutout to my brother for calling me a simp when i made the outro too long, because i love the visuals of "We Lost The Summer" Halloween version with the remastered version of "Our Summer" by blumjunie here on yt
pls check it out, its so pretty :")

I made the transition music using TXT's Crown, but Kazoo version. I can't get enough of MOA's talent

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