Top 10 Superpower Anime Where Mc Has OVERPOWERED Supernatural Abilities [HD]

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Hey guys in todays video we are going to talk about the [HD].
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Animes in this video:
Chronos Ruler - 00:49
Enmusubi no Youko-chan - 02:07
Tiger & Bunny - 03:01
Super HxEros - 04:08
Musaigen no Phantom World - 04:51
Gleipnir - 05:59
Rokka No Yuusha - 06:58
Kekkaishi - 08:04
A Certain Scientific Railgun - 09:02
Tokyo ESP - 09:52
Also, I try not to include any mainstream or shonen anime to keep the recommendations fresh, but if any are added in there so be it!!!
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