Secret Agent Grandma || Secret Spy Hacks by Pear Couple

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OMG! Today fruits found out that grandma is a secret agent ????

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Liza's grandma became a spy a long time ago. Now she is on a top-secret mission and she's trying to catch criminal celery. Check out cool spy secrets from grandma.

हे भगवान! आज फलों को पता चला कि दादी एक गुप्त एजेंट है।
OMG! Ngayon nalaman ng mga prutas na ang lola ay isang lihim na ahente.

0:00 Birthday
1:12 Cooking
2:27 Spy
4:10 Grandma
4:58 Grandma's teeth
7:49 Parents
9:06 Liza's dad
11:24 Cleaning
12:28 Car repair

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