Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Greg Hidder Endorses Kevin Maxwell for Scottsdale City Council

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Scottsdale Real Estate Agent Greg Hidder endorses Kevin Maxwell for Scottsdale City Council. For more information on how Kevin Maxwell can help benefit the community, visit

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As a successful Real Estate Agent in the Scottsdale community, Greg Hidder shares how city leadership can help the real estate market and help home buyers. With that being said, Greg Hidder supports Kevin Maxwell for Scottsdale City Council due to his honesty, integrity, and dedication to the community. With new challenges facing the local economy due to COVID-19, Hidder is assured that Maxwell's knowledge and experience with technology along with his analyst and economic mindset could prove to be a real asset to the council.

Kevin Maxwell, candidate for Scottsdale City Council is the perfect candidate for this current economic downturn. He is a problem solver and an analysis, however he is also frugal. He is frugal with his own family expenses and will teach tax money like his money to make the right decisions for Scottsdale.

Economies everywhere were broken by COVID19 so 2020's election has to be one that is focused on fixing the economy. If someone doesn't have a good personal economy, how are they going to help a government and city
regrow their economy? Kevin Maxwell is a pro of thriving on a budget and helping a budget grow through smart calculated decisions.

Kevin Maxwell has been working to help Scottsdale become a greater city well before he decided to run for Scottsdale City Council. He has been on the board of Family Promise, and Scottsdale Leaders. He was also a Chair for the Airport Advisory Commission. He was a consultant for the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce as well as for Scottsdale Coalition of Today and Tomorrow. Kevin Maxwell is also co-founded FUEL Scottsdale.

In addition to working hard to help Scottsdale become an even greater city, Kevin is best known as an avid golfer, dog lover and drummer. Him and his wife love living in Scottsdale, Arizona and if you do too, please support his campaign-

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