Perfect Dark N64 - Air Force One: Antiterrorism - Perfect Agent (UltraHDMI)

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Eleventh level of Perfect Dark captured on a real N64 modded with UltraHDMI - the best quality you can possibly get from the real thing. Doing it the quick way and getting the president to the capsule last. Got scared for a second when I pulled the Laptop Gun infront of him but I was already safe at that point.

I'm playing with autoaim disabled and Perfect Agent, as usual.

System: UltraHDMI - NTSC, EverDrive-64
Capture card: AVerMedia GC573
Controller: Original N64 controller with a Grade A SteelBowl from SteelSticks64.

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1: Locate and retrieve equipment
2: Locate President
3: Get President to escape capsule
4: Secure Air Force One flight path
5: Detach UFO from Air Force One
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