NEW ANIMATED Gogeta & Vegito DUO MOD[W/Duo Combos, Duo Skills, Fusion & MUI] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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We have arguably one of the BEST NEW Duo Mods for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This Mod is a True Gogeta & Vegito Duo Mod. Not only do both Gogeta and Vegito have new Custom Transformation Animations, but they are able to switch out with one another, perform combos together, and even fuse into Gogito and transform into Mastered Ultra Instinct

To go into the very specifics of this mod.
1. Gogeta can transform into SSJ and SSB. At any time in the battle, he can switch to Vegito(via a short cutscene), or even do a combo and automatically switch into Vegito in an Instant. One of the main moves he can use is a Duo Skill with Vegito, in which both use Kamehameha. Like Gogeta, Vegito also has new animations in which he transforms into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Blue.

2. Both characters can literally toss one another to continue combos with each other

on the combination that you use , you can also have Gogeta and Vegito do a Dual Big Bang Attack against the opponent

and Vegito can use the Fusion Dance to Transform into Gogito. With this Fusion, Gogito gets a new Combo Set

Gogito is at low health, if his opponent attacks him, he can counter the opponent and go into Mastered Ultra Instinct. In which his attacks become even faster and stronger

This mod belongs to UCC and is a Private Mod. The mod creator himself doesn't want the mod being shared.

How did I get it? I used the Dragon Balls to make a wish ????

Because this is a Chinese Mod, there is a likely chance that it may use assets from other mods. The animation from which Vegito Transforms into SSJ, looks similar to the Revamp Intro for SSG Vegito. To be on the safe safe, I'll link their version

Mod Showcase: 0:00
Battles Against the CPU: 3:48

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