I NEED IT! 28 smart gadgets for your home and kitchen || Organization hacks and ideas

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Incredible tools and organization ideas to save you a bunch of time

Companies come out with some of the most brilliant gadgets you can think of. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we need something until we see it online. So, today, we’re sharing with you some genius gadgets you can’t believe exist.
We’re starting with the apple peeler. You place your apple on the gadgets. It slowly swirls it around to remove its skin.
Food in the fridge (mostly veggies) can get moldy in just a couple of days. So, in this video, I show you how to vacuum-seal your fruits and veggies to keep them fresh longer.
To maximize space in your closet. I show you a genius clothing hanger where you can fit multiple outfits on it in just one go.
There’s also a hand-held tool that re-seals your crisps, candy, and popcorn bags by melting their edges.

0:37 – How to keep food in your fridge fresh

3:11 – The electric can opener
4:52 – The magic butter knife
6:43 – An excellent laptop stand
9:02 – The magnetic charger tool
11:00 – Bathroom organizer

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