???? How To Use Kickass Torrent SAFELY? ???? [TUTORIAL]

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In this video I am going to show you how to use Kickass Torrent without having an account.

uTorrent ????
Cyberghost VPN ????
Kickass T. help ????


The first step is to download and install utorrent on your computer. I will put the link in the description. You just have to scroll down and click on "download". Then you can open the installation file to install uTorrent. It's the same on Mac. I already installed Utorrent so I will not show you this. During the installation make sure to decline all the options to install another software.

The second and last software we will need is a VPN. This will allow us to change our IP to be anonymous when downloading files. This is very important if you don't want to get in trouble with the law. As a bonus I'll show you at the end of this video that without a VPN everyone can see what you download.

For this tutorial I will use Cyberghost which is a premium VPN that works very well for torrent downloads because it has dedicated servers for that. I will put a link in the description to a special offer I got on Cyberghost. This VPN will also help me to access Kickass Torrent because this website is blocked in my country, in France. It’s maybe the case in your country.

Once Cyberghost is open, go to "For torrenting" then click on "Load". This will sort the servers and show you the fastest servers. Click on one of them to connect to it and change the IP address.

Once it's done, go to Google and type, Kickass Torrent help. Click on the link. I will also put the link in the description but it may change so I advise you to type Kickasstorrent help directly on google to find the site.

Click on this button or one of the other links to access Kickass Torrent.

Now search for what you want to download. For my example, I'm downloading a small file: mozilla firefox. You will get a list of results. I advise you to download a torrent with a lot of seeders and not many leechers. This one seems to me not bad. Scroll down and click on download. Now it's quite annoying. We'll have to fill in a captcha code and click many times on continue to get our torrent file.

Finally click on "Get the link" to get the torrent. Click Ok to open it in uTorrent.

Click on start to download the file. The download will then start. As I told you by clicking here you can see the IP address of all the people who are downloading the file. Currently nobody is downloading the file. Also by going to this site, we can see by IP all the people downloading. I'm going to take a random IP address. You see it's pretty scary.

Once the torrent has finished downloading, right click and then click "Open". Go back to Utorrent and click "Remove" to disable the torrent download. Don't forget this step. Once it's done you can quit uTorrent, go back to Cyberghost and disable the VPN.

And this is how to use Kickass Torrent in a simple way.

You will find the link to download Utorrent in the description as well as the link to Cyberghost's special offer and KickassTorrent help site.

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