How to get New LACHLAN SKIN for FREE in Fortnite! (Lachlan's Pickaxe Frenzy Tournament)

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What's up guys, in this video I talked about how to get the new Lachlan skin & bundle for free in Fortnite! Lachlan is going to be getting his own ICON series skin in Fortnite, in this video, I talked about how to get the new Fortnite Lachlan skin for free & the Lachlan skin release date in the daily Fortnite item shop today! Lachlan is holding his very own tournament called Lachlan's pickaxe frenzy tournament, and people who do well in this tournament will get the Lachlan skin & bundle for free!

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It’s time to put the weapons down and take up your pickaxe.

Compete in Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy starting Sunday, November 8, for an opportunity to earn Lachlan’s Cosmetic Set before it hits the Item Shop. Winners will have the chance to display the Lachlan Outfit and Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Emote in-game before anyone else.

In this tournament, you and your two friends will need to find different ways to be resourceful to earn the Victory Royale. With only a pickaxe as your primary weapon, search for Rusty Cans, Impulse Grenades, Decoy Grenades and Supply Drops to protect your team and eliminate your opponents.

With no shields or healing items available, you’ll have to eliminate an opponent or Emote to regenerate health. One last thing: the building material cap is set to 10 per material, so make those builds count!

Read the official rules for Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy.


Go to the Compete Tab in the Game Lobby. Choose the Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Event and find the local time it starts for your region. Once the event window opens, you’ll have two hours to complete 10 total The event playlist will be available in the playlist menu once the event has started.

Make sure you have 2-Factor Authentication on your account. You’ll need two friends to compete in the tournament as filling is not an option.





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