Free Makeover Update // Online Shopping Haul // DIY Rebond & Barbero Haircut // by Elle Uy

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Hello everyone! Finally, another Buhay Decorator episode. I'm sharing with you my online shopping finds, Decor You Happy free makeover update, DIY hair rebond, etc. Hope you enjoy. :)

Minimalist Glam Makeover
Loft Makeover

Vacuum +items&sub_id1=Deerma+Vacuum&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Pink Led Mirror +items&sub_id1=Led+pink+mirror&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Deer Diffuser +items&sub_id1=Deer+Diffuser&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Mop / sweeper +items&sub_id1=Deerma+Mop&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Big diffuser +items&sub_id1=Big+diffuser&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Wood Coat Rack +items&sub_id1=Coat+rack&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text

Loreal Xtenso +items&sub_id1=loreal+xtenso&sub_id2=YouTube&sub_id3=Text  


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