Battletoads Arcade (Боевые Жабы Аркада). Прохождение

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Battletoads Arcade , также известная как Super Battletoads в Японии или просто Battletoads - это аркадная игра 1994 года, разработанная Rare и опубликованная Electronic Arts . Можно играть на троих игроков, игра имеет шесть уровней, сюжет игры спасти вселенную от Темной Королевы .
Battletoads Arcade остается последней записью в серии Battletoads .

Battletoads Arcade is a coin-operated, scrolling beat 'em up arcade video game. Up to three players, as the Battletoads (Rash, Pimple, and Zitz), punch and kick oncoming enemies through six levels to save their alternate universe from the Dark Queen. Arcade was the first Battletoads game to feature three-player cooperative multiplayer. Players control their characters with eight-directional joysticks and two buttons (attack and jump). Characters can run if the player pushes the joystick twice in the same direction. The Toads vary in fighting style: Rash is nimble, Pimple is burly, and Zitz is a balance of the two. As customary for the series, the Toads can knocked enemies offscreen such that they appear to fly towards the players, breaking the fourth wall. The Toads can also eat flies to regenerate health. Each Toad has its own signature exaggerated power and attack, in which their limbs turn into objects such as axes and drills. Enemies include aliens, mutant rodents, and snowmen.
Each level has a unique theme, such as a "Christmas grotto", and a boss fight finale. Some bosses, such as General Slaughter, return from previous games. Some levels differ in presentation and gameplay. Some levels are Double Dragon-style brawlers, while others are strictly two-dimensional. In one level, the Toads wear jetpacks and descend a tunnel, and in the final level, the Toads shoot enemies from a vehicle. Players can also destroy a spaceship in a Street Fighter II-style bonus stage. Battletoads Arcade is displayed in standard definition raster graphics in horizontal orientation with either mono or stereo sound within an upright arcade cabinet.
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