Agent 47’s Bare Knuckle Boxer From Hitman 2

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Today's drink is my own reconstructed version of the Bare Knuckle Boxer drink from the Showstopper Mission in Hitman 2. In it, Agent 47 needs to find the recipe for the favorite drink of his target, make the drink and serve it to the unfortunate Viktor Novikov.

When conceiving this drink and video Marius and I had a little disagreement about the point of promoting drinks from video games or pop culture, maybe you guys can weigh in, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say about it. Here's what it is: I think that because we are a channel which prides itself on making great drinks, when we recreate something from pop culture it needs to be reconstructed to be an actually good drink. It is rare that some writer or video game developer will put a drink recipe into a Game, film or TV Show and have it be any good. And really that's just as well, their jobs are to make a game, tv show or film, not a drink. The drink serves a plot point, it doesn't have to actually taste good. But here, where the point is the drink, it does have to taste good. And for me, it has to meet what I believe to be a high standard. It's fun to be able to drink something you see in a film, but if it aint good what's the point?
Marius has a totally different idea. He thinks that if you're reconstructing a drink and switch ingredients out to make the drink better you have a totally different drink and not at all what was in the game, tv show or film and it defeats the whole point of the thing. For my part I always try to select ingredients keeping the main idea behind the drink intact so that it at least makes sense, because I do see what he's saying. But I just don't see the point in making crappy drinks on this channel.
As for this drink, It still didn't quite meet my expectation because I did leave a lot to the original idea and honestly it could use some tinkering. I think I'll be working on it until I'm satisfied and then I'll make another video on it describing the process of tinkering.
What do you guys think? Weigh in below in the comments, really interested to hear your ideas on this one.

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